Top Gifts for National Nanny Recognition Week 2023

Top Gifts for National Nanny Recognition Week 2023

It’s almost time for our favorite week of the year! National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW) 2023 takes place from September 24–30 this year. It’s a great time to show your nanny how much you and your family appreciate their care and attention for your child(ren).  

So, what do you get for the nanny who does it all? We have some ideas that you can find right here on My Nanny Gift. These make great gifts for NNRW and beyond, so make sure to come back anytime you need to get something special for the nanny in your life.

Top Gifts for National Nanny Recognition Week 2023

These are some of the items in our store that nannies love receiving. Find one that fits your nanny’s personality and lifestyle!

For the Unicorn Nanny: Unicorn Nanny Jewelry Box

Is your nanny a unicorn among nannies? The type of nanny who has one-of-a-kind magic to turn your kid’s bad day around and make them feel like they are on top of the world? Show her your appreciation with this beautiful wooden jewelry box that will remind her of how unique and special she is.

This jewelry box is available in black or red mahogany. It is sturdy, dual-hinged, and designed to hold your nanny’s most precious jewelry, whether a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or anything else.

For the Gym-Going Nanny: Nanny Duffel Bag

Now your nanny can show the gym (and the world) what she does for a living! This nanny duffel bag is great for the on-the-go-nanny who transitions between the gym, your family, her hobbies, and traveling. It’s big enough to hold all the extra clothes and accessories she needs and light enough to carry wherever she goes. It can be held by hand or worn over the shoulder.

For the Weekend Traveler: Weekender Bag

Does your nanny enjoy spending her time off seeing the world? Then this Beyond Blessed Nanny Weekender bag may be just what she needs. It’s large and roomy, making it perfect for taking to the beach or on a long weekend holiday. It has thick rope handles for added durability and comfort as your nanny carries it wherever her weekend takes her.

For the Stressed Nanny: Relaxing Spa Basket

Does your nanny need extra time to relax and unwind this season? She’s going to love this relaxing Love Lavender spa basket. It includes everything your nanny needs to indulge and unwind, including lavender-scented bubble bath, a soy candle, chocolates, biscuits, sparkling tea, and more.

For the Nanny Who Has It All: A Generous Gift Card

Some nannies are challenging to shop for. Or, you may have recently hired your nanny and are not sure what to get for her. In either case, a My Nanny Gift gift card could be just the ticket.

Our gift cards are available in $25 increments, starting at $25. Give her a gift card along with a handwritten note expressing how much she means to you and your family. This is an excellent way to let your nanny decide what she needs in her life while still showing your appreciation.

Wishing You and Your Nanny A Joyful National Nanny Recognition Week

We hope you and your family take some time to shower your nanny with love and gratitude during NNRW. Make sure to order soon to ensure on-time delivery.

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