Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Teachers

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Teachers

The end of the year is a great time to give teachers a special gift to say “thank you” for everything they do. Finding the right gift for your child’s teacher can be a challenge. Fortunately, My Nanny Gift has several beautiful holiday gifts for teachers that they will enjoy during their holiday break and beyond.

1. Beyond Blessed Teacher Mug

Every teacher can use a mug as they sip on coffee, tea, or hot cocoa throughout the day. These ceramic Beyond Blessed Teacher mugs are available in white with font in four colors – blue, red, green, and black. Choose the one that best matches your teacher’s style or classroom decor! 

For an added bonus, use the mug as a gift holder and add a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or store when you gift it to them.

2. Beyond Blessed Teacher Tumbler

Some teachers prefer their beverages cold. These Beyond Blessed Teacher tumblers are perfect for teachers who like to sip on water, soda, or iced tea as they teach. They are 20-ounce skinny tumblers that come with a straw. These tumblers are available in white with font in four colors – blue, red, olive green, and black. 

As with the ceramic mugs, these tumblers make a great gift holder if you want to give your child’s teacher something special with their tumbler.

3. Beyond Blessed Teacher Tees

Teachers of all grade levels are always in need of new shirts to wear to school. Gift your child’s teacher a Beyond Blessed Teacher T-shirt that they can wear in the classroom or when they are relaxing at home. These shirts come in four colors – grey with olive green font, navy blue with red font, black with blue font, and white with black font.

4. Beyond Blessed Teacher Makeup Bag

Teachers can always use a small makeup bag to store their essentials and easily access them throughout the day. These Beyond Blessed Teacher makeup bags can carry anything from cosmetics to travel essentials such as earbuds, medicine, and hygiene products. 

This multipurpose bag comes with a removable leather strap for added comfort. They are white and available with four font color options – olive green, red, blue, and black.

5. Appreciation Gift Baskets

Some teachers are particularly hard to shop for. For those teachers, an appreciation gift basket may be the best option. Gift baskets are also excellent for co-teachers who can share goodies with each other.

For instance, this snack gift box offers yummy treats, such as lemon biscuits, toasted almonds, orange crisps, chocolate caramel corn, and other chocolate treats. A more savory gift basket option is the citrus refresher, which features fire-grilled mixed vegetables, tapenade, mixed nuts, and biscuits.

Find Gifts for Teachers All Year Long at My Nanny Gift

We love showering teachers with appreciation and gifts throughout the year. So, make sure to check back to see what new teacher appreciation items are in store so you can keep saying “thank you” to your child’s teacher during the holiday season and beyond.

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