Last Minute Gifts for National Nanny Recognition Week

Last Minute Gifts for National Nanny Recognition Week

It’s here! National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW) takes place September 18 – 24, 2022. It’s our favorite week because it lets us shower our nannies with love and appreciation for everything they do to help our families.

If you haven’t gotten a gift for your nanny, it’s not too late!

As the saying goes, better late than never. Here are some last-minute ways to say “thank you” to your nanny for everything they do to care for your children and help your family.

5 Easy Gifts for Nannies

Last-minute gifts don’t have to be thoughtless! Here are five things you can put together quickly to show your nanny appreciation. Make sure to include your kids in the action. After all, they’re the ones who spend the most time with your nanny and can help you come up with some creative ideas for gifts.

Kid interview poster

Work with your kids to create a poster that tells your nanny all the things your kids love about them. Ask your kids questions. Start with, “What’s your favorite thing to do with your nanny?” “What is the best thing about your nanny?” and “What is something your nanny says all the time?”

Let your kids' creativity soar with this one! They can add their own artwork or photos of them with their nanny. This will quickly become a cherished gift that your nanny will want to keep forever.

A thoughtful note and card

It can be challenging to express your feelings about your nanny in person. So, say it with a handwritten note. This is a very personal way to tell your nanny how much they mean to your family. Add it to a bouquet of flowers for an extra special touch.

A gift card to their favorite restaurant

After a long week, your nanny probably doesn’t want to go home and cook. So, giving them a gift card to their favorite restaurant can help them celebrate in their own way. If you don’t know what your nanny’s favorite restaurant is, ask your kids! There’s a good chance they know what kind of food your nanny loves.

A surprise day off

Your nanny loves working for your family. But nannies are people too! They would love an extra paid day off.

If you can swing it, gift your nanny an extra day off that they can spend however they want, with no strings attached. This is a great way to show your nanny that you know how hard they work and demonstrate that you appreciate their efforts.

A monetary gift

Everyone can use more money. If you can afford it, gift your nanny a financial bonus in the form of cash. That way, you don’t have to try to find something they will like; instead, they can use that money to buy something special for themselves, take themselves out to dinner, or put it in their savings for a rainy day.

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