5 Gifts for Travel Nannies

5 Gifts for Travel Nannies

It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season will be here before we know it!

For many families, the holiday season includes some form of travel, whether to visit friends and families in another location or to take a family holiday away from it all.

Hiring a travel nanny can make the trip smoother for everyone, no matter your reason for traveling over the next few months. Parents can spend time catching up with their friends and family, get some essential work done, or spend some alone time together while their kids enjoy seeing the sights of a new city while in the care of a trusted nanny.

Getting a gift for a travel nanny is, of course, not required. However, it can be a nice gesture to let your nanny know how much you appreciate them.

5 Gift Ideas for Travel Nannies

These gifts can ensure your travel nanny has everything they need for the trip while also demonstrating that you care about them.

Nanny-themed luggage

Whether taking a road trip or flying to your destination, your nanny will need some luggage. That’s why gifting a nanny-themed suitcase is perfect for travel nannies. My Nanny Gift offers several design options, including “Unicorn Nanny,” “Beyond Blessed Nanny,” and “Chucks, Pearls, and a Classy Nanny.”

All suitcases have an adjustable handle and 360-degree swivel wheels, making them a breeze to maneuver through even the busiest airport. They also include a built-in safety lock and inner pockets. The hard-shell exterior will protect your nanny’s belongings in the airport, car, city, and hotel room.

Oversized tote bag

Your travel nanny needs to be prepared for all kinds of adventures as you travel. An oversized tote bag can ensure they can carry everything they need as they go on excursions with your kids and plan fun activities for them at your destination.

These tote bags fold up easily in a suitcase or can be used as a personal item on airplanes. They are available in several different designs, so you can choose the one that best suits your travel nanny’s personality. Designs include “Chucks, Pearls, and a Classy Nanny” and “Blessed to be a Nanny.”

Cell phone wallet

Some nannies prefer to pack lightly when they travel or adventure out into a new city. If your nanny isn’t the type to haul around a large bag, then a cell phone wallet could be the perfect item for them. 

These cell phone wallets have a strap so your nanny can wear them as a purse. However, they are small enough to fit a standard-size smartphone, cash, and up to three cards. Our cell phone wallets come in several designs, including “Crafty and Creative Nanny,” Beyond Blessed Nanny,” and “Nanny Escapade.”


Are you heading to the beach over the holiday season? Then a set of slides could be precisely what your travel nanny needs to protect their feet as they walk on the sand with your kids.

These slides are fun, cute, and comfortable. They have extra cushioning, which ensures your nanny can walk in them for long stretches. They are available in the design “Beyond Blessed Nanny” and come in various sizes.

Airpods case

Your nanny will need some downtime during your trip. If they use Airpods, this “Beyond Blessed Nanny” Airpods case is the perfect gift. It is durable and compact, with a metal carabiner that can attach to any standard bag.

Enjoy Your Travels!

Traveling for the holiday season can be a lot less stressful with the support of a travel nanny. Giving them a gift ahead of time can demonstrate your appreciation and help them make the most of their time away.

For more gift ideas for travel nannies, hybrid nannies, teachers, doulas, and au pairs, visit our collection of nanny-themed gifts.

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